Project Details

Category: Commercial / Retail
Client: Urban Capital Groups
Location: Waverley Road, Coolbellup WA
Contract Value: $10,200,000.00 + GST
Architect: Taylor Robinson


Coolbellup Neighbourhood Centre entails the construction of a Woolworths Supermarket and Four Specialty Tenancies. Associated carparking and entrances from both road access are also part of the construction works. Perimeter and internal landscaping completed the project

Prominent features

Main base building structure consisted of a structural steel skeleton cladded with concrete panel walls. Lightweight high-level cladding above the glazing line created the building parapet and decorative art screens to both the Southern & Western elevations. The art screens where constructed from powder coated perforated metal sheeting generated from an image supplied by a local indigenous artist.

Feature steel ribbons framed out the screens. The ribbon pattern continued throughout the concrete perimeter walls via recesses in the panels alongside with other panel feature mirroring the metal clad roof. The Centre’s perimeter landscaping integrated the retention of existing flora to minimise disruption to the overall landscape.

Project Challenges

Roof material was selected to provide a high-level thermal rating to satisfy the strict requirements for trading of the anchor tenant Woolworths. The main plant deck houses the services required to condition the tenancies and is acoustically treated to cater for adjoining residential properties.

Several in-situ conditions presented itself that required detail construction planning to facilitate construction works, including relocation of the main area transformer and working adjacent to the main area towns water main where two high critical activities needing focus to ensure the strict program delivery date was meet.

Civil works including road works and resurfacing a section of existing Coolbellup Avenue, to construct a new roundabout on intersection with Counsel Road. Stringent OHS documentation, reporting protocols and access control in place at all time due to residential dwellings proximity.

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